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body recomposition software

recomposer is the worlds most advanced body recomposition software; applying the scientific method to diet and training for radical muscle gain and fat loss.

for recomp coaches

measure, plan, create, deliver and track the diets and training programs you prescribe your client’s to achieve their ultimate body composition goals

recomposer all devices body

measure, track and analyse body composition using any method (skinfolds, dexa, inbody, bia etc). calculate specific diet and training goals to achieve specific body composition change, by a specific date.

brains for brawn

recomposer can help eliminate the confusion and contradiction inherent to most training & diet methods, enabling radically faster & greater muscle gain and/or fat loss, with radically less work and/or suffering.

recomposer directs your focus on what matters: actual body composition change, measured training progress and total nutritional intake. everything necessary is included. everything else is deliberately excluded.

recomposer mobile app

mobile app

clients of recomposer coaches can access their custom workout in the gym on their mobile device. every weight and rep of every set prescribed. unique application of calculated 1-rep-maxes measures every performance for objective rep targets and constant progress. instantly access their entire exercise history.